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6. COVID-19 Initiative

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Press Kit: COVID-19 Initiative

LivNao wants to help as many people as possible during these tough times. That’s why we’re partnering up with individuals, organizations, and reporters like you to help us get our app in the hands of as many people as possible.

To make it easier for you, we’ve compiled a variety of assets to support you in sharing our initiative. If you require additional assistance or custom assets, please reach out to John Yuen.

For the latest updates, check out our Blog & Socials.

About LivNao:

LivNao is a Silicon Valley and Vancouver-based startup backed by StartUp Health + Plug & Play. Our deep learning model brings 100% passive measurement to mental health, zero user-input required. Our patent-pending technology help employers & insurers deliver just-in-time interventions tied to benefits/insurance plans, encouraging healthier lifestyles while measuring effectiveness of interventions & wellness resource spending. For insurers, we unlock population-level insights to uncover new relationships between behavioural/environmental factors and mental health.

About LivNao’s COVID-19 Initiative:

Option 1:
New WFH protocols and social isolation has changed life as we knew it. For some, quarantine means spending less time commuting and more time with family. But for others, the lack of pod-neighbor banter and after-work cocktails is starting to make a once warm home feel like a prison. While snacking habits have surely increased, productivity may be decreasing.

On the front line, healthcare workers who are coping with an exponential jump in patients, and the fear of contracting the virus due to the shortage of personal protective equipment, are under more stress than ever.

We want to help you keep your mental health in check during these unprecedented times. Simply download the app and our patent-pending technology will display your unique Capacity, Focus, and Energy scores by the hour.

Together, we can explore how changes in lifestyles due to the recent COVID-19 pandemic may be affecting population mental health and how to cope with it. There’s no user-input required—our solution for measurement is 100% passive.

Option 2:
In this time of uncertainty and social isolation many of us have had to quickly adopt drastic changes to our lifestyles for the good of public health. For many, social-isolation will have a serious effect on mental health. 

Specifically, healthcare workers have had to adapt to a rapidly shifting environment that needs to accommodate an exponential jump in patients. Combine this with the fear of contracting the virus due to a shortage available protective equipment; these individuals at the front line are under more stress than they have seen before. 

For Facebook, LinkedIn & Twitter:

Step One: Write A Post — Option 1
#Quarantine quarrels putting a toll on your sanity? 😬 Download LivNao to keep track of your mental health scores and productivity scores with zero-input (effort) required: [Download Link] #AloneTogether

Step One: Write A Post — Option 2
On a scale of 0 – 100, how is #SocialIsolation affecting you? 🤷‍♀️ Find out now with LivNao! Download the app to check your mental health scores with zero-input (effort) required: [Download Link] #AloneTogether

Step One: Write A Post — Option 3
#COVID19 is affecting your mental health and productivity. 🧠 Help LivNao explore how the #Coronavirus has implications beyond just physical health here: [Download Link] #AloneTogether

Step One: Write A Post — Option 4
LivNao, a Silicon Valley & Vancouver startup wants to help you keep track of your mental health with zero-input (effort). Download their app to see how your mental health is being affected by #ShelterInPlace: [Download Link] #AloneTogether

Step Two: Pick a Graphic — Facebook

Step Two: Pick a Graphic — LinkedIn

Step Two: Pick a Graphic — Twitter

Step Three: Tag Others — Optional
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For Instagram:

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[Download Link]

Our Socials:

Facebook: @LivNao
Instagram: @LivNao_Technologies
LinkedIn: @LivNao
Twitter: @LivNao


Q: Do you have a special version for Healthcare Organizations?
Yes, we have a special version designed for use by nurses, physicians & other healthcare workers that can help prevent burnout. Please contact us at to discuss implementation. We are offering our product at no-charge during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Q: What do I get out of this app?
Our patent-pending technology can help you contextualize your productivity by highlighting your Capacity, Energy, and Focus scores. These scores are unique to you and change throughout the day based on your habits. Since we’re forming new habits during the Coronavirus outbreak, the app can help you figure out what increases or decreases productivity, thus helping you adapt better during these trying times.

Q: How does it work?
LivNao uses sensors that exist in your iPhone to help calculate your scores. To gain access to your scores, you must enable all permissions during onboarding. Permissions include Bluetooth, Wifi, Location, and Apple Health. Don’t exit the app! The longer you leave the app open, the more precise your scores get—after multiple rounds of testing, battery drainage is negligible.

Q: Are you tracking me 24/7?
No, your privacy is our top priority. Everything that goes on behind the scenes is HIPAA compliant and your personal information never leaves your iPhone. In other words, you’re tracking yourself and your own productivity. Everything that we receive to calculate your scores is 100% anonymous, de-identified, and aggregated.

Q: Why are you collecting so much information from me?
As COVID-19 spreads faster, we’re seeing a lot of implications that could affect mental health in adults. We’re planning to use our findings to help better understand how pandemics like this can heavily impact the workforce and mental health. The information we collect is also HIPAA compliant and de-identified—that means there’s no way to narrow it back down to any individual.

Thank You!

Thank you in advance for supporting us in our COVID-19 initiative. Please reach out to John Yuen or Amy Cha with any press-related questions or interview requests!

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